The 1831 Voters and Can They Be Identified

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based on an original transcription by Renee’ Gore
I think it would be an interesting project to identify these men and learn more about them. As I find notes or remember records, I will add notes here. If you want to contribute please send your email to and identify them by  1831vote – (their number) .   All notes are by Donna unless otherwise specified.

Harnage, Ambrose
List of White men with Indian wives  Harnage, Ambrose lived Long Swamp
Prescribed Oath List  wife 5 children
1830 Gwinnett p. 374
It is interesting that the election was to be held at Ambrose Harnage’s house but he didn’t vote. Tate, Pickens County, GA was originally called Harnageville, after Ambrose Harnage, in whose house the early court was held.

1 . ? , Nathaniel G. (possibly Nathaniel G. Henderson)   LINK

2 . ? , William (will we ever know?)

3 . ALLISON, David
Prescribed Oath List  md 9 children

4 . ANDERSON, Moses
1834 Union  Moses Anderson  5 2

1834 Forsyth Co.  ARMSTRONG John 5;
1840 Forsyth Co.  ARMSTRONG John p275 1 agri 1 slave
1m 30-40 1f 30-40 1m 5-10 1f 5-10 2m und 5 1f und 5;
1860 ARMSTRONG John #719

1834 Lumpkin County ARMSTRONG, John…….5

6 . ARTER, Lewis
Prescribed Oath List    no information
Is this the same Lewis Arthur? Check out Genforum

7 . ASHWORTH, Joab
Prescribed Oath List   widower 8 children  wheelwright
1834 Forsyth Co. ASHWORTH Joab 4,
1840 Forsyth Co. ASHWORTH Joab p279 3 agri;
1m 50-60 1f 40-50 1f 20-30 2m 15-20 1f 5-10 1m und 5;

8 . ATKINS, Thomas

9 . BAKER, Wm.

10. BARBER, George

11. BARKER, Hubbard:  Elected Receiver of Tax Returns,
1834 Forsyth Co.  BARKER, Hubbard 3

12. BATEY, James

13 . BELL, James

14 . BERRY, Robert
Prescribed Oath List  wife 5 children

15 . BERSAWN, Elijah

16 . BOLTON, Thos. W.

17 . BOWMAN, Lawson

18 . BOWMAN, Sherwo’d
Prescribed Oath List  Bowman, Sherod wife 7 children  Blacksmith

19 . BOWMAN, Vincent
Prescribed Oath List   single

Note: An Indian George Tooke murdered a family of Bowman a few years before 1835
He was arrested and shot near Hickory Flats GA Aug 1835

20 . BRABETT, M.

21 . BRACKETTS, Benj.
Prescribed Oath List   no info
See Siler Roll 1851
Benjamin Brackett        47
(Lives in Hamilton County, Tennesee)
Susan Brackett            42    wife
Michael Ann Brackett        20    d
Jesse M Brackett        18    s
Marion Brackett            16    s
Thomas Brackett            14    s
Catherine Brackett        11    d
Adam Brackett             6    s
Sarah Brackett             3    d
Benjamin Brackett jr.         1    s
The wives of Benjamin Brackett- Lock Langley (see #116) and Mige Brackett
– claim they are sisters and daughters of Mr. Hubbard whose wife was a Wilkenson and a native of the Cherokee Nation, this statement is corroborated by persons of high standing who have long been acquainted
with Cherokee affairs, I find however that their claim has been in disputed by some persons but from the best information I can get they have hitherto enjoyed the benefits of the Treaty.

22 . BRADBURY, Bythel See#26
(BRADLEY?)Probably the same as Bethal, Beathel and Bithel.
Bradley, Bethel 1834 Forsyth

Forsyth Co. Marriages Book A
BRADLEY, Bethal     Williams,Ann             3 Nov    1833  A  1
BRADLEY, Joel       McPherson,Ardallia       1 Sep    1845  A  221
Bradley, Margarett  HENDERSON, Nathaniel G. 14 Nov    1833  A  2     See #1.
Bradley, Polly      AARON, William           8 Aug    1839  A  80

1860 Pickens County GA Census
#177 Bithel Bradley 48 NC
Ann            47 SC
Rufus C.       15 GA
Ravester       12 GA
Robert M        8 GA
Hester Ann      5 GA

23 . BRADFORD, Archibald
1834 Cherokee BRADFORD, Archabald  11

24 . BRADFORD, Joseph
1834 Lumpkin BRADFORD, J.C…………3

25 . BRADFORD, William
1834 Lumpkin BRADFORD, William…….2

26 . BRADLEY, Benj.  See # 22.
Bradley, Benjamin 1834 Forsyth

Recorded Forsyth County 10 November 1832  page 2
GEORGIA CHEROKEE COUNTY} Received of Bethael Bradley one hundred dollars in full satisfaction of three beds likewise all my stock of hogs also all my stock of cattle
and likewise my bay horse which said property I have this day given to said Bethel
Bradley to indemnify him for standing my security likewise for his trouble in
assisting me in my other difficulties.
Given under my hand and seal this 3rd(?)November 1832. Benjamin Bradley (Seal)
Test. Wm Daniel John Jolly   Recorded Oliver strickland CLK

27 . BRIGHT, Henry
Prescribed Oath List   Bright, Hiram wife

28 . BROOKS, John P.
1834 Cherokee BROOK, John P.  13

29 . BRYANT, Joel M.
Prescribed Oath List  Bryan, Joel M, wife

30 . BURNS, Philip

31 . CANTRELL, James

32 . CANTRELL, Moses
1834 Forsyth Co.  CANTRELL, Moses 6

33 . CHASTAIN, Jeremiah S.
1834 Lumpkin  CHASTAIN, Jeremiah……3

34 . CHASTAIN, John D.
1834 Lumpkin CHASTAIN, Jonathan…..9

35 . CLOUD, Jeremiah

36 . COCHRANE, James
Prescribed Oath List  Cochran, James no info
1834 Forsyth Co. Cockrun, James 7
1834 Lumpkin Co. COCHRAN, James…………..4
1834 Union       James Cochran   2  1

37 . COCKRELL, John

38 . COLEMAN, Wm. A.
List of White men with Indian wives  Willaim Coleman lived Chattahoochee

39 . COOPER, Benj.

40 . COOPER, Cornelius

41 . CORNER, John    Probably John Conner

42 . COX, Jonathan

43 . CRUSE, Jeremiah
Forsyth County Minute Book A p. 40 petition for guardianship of
William Cruise son of Jeremiah Cruise by John Cruise ( Cruse )
p. 117 Isaac Holden ( Holder ) administrator for Jeremiah Crun ( Cruse)

44 . CULBERTSON, Martin
1834 Union    Martin Culberson  3 2

45 . DANIEL, James
1834 Forsyth Co. DANIEL, James 10

46 . DANIEL, John

47 . DANIEL, Reuben
Prescribed Oath List     wife 6 children
List of White men with Indian wives  Daniel, Reuben lived Chestatee

48 . DANIEL, Reuben F.
1834 Cherokee DANIEL, Reuben F.  3

49 . DAVIS, Daniel
Prescribed Oath List  wife 10 children
List of White men with Indian wives  Davis, Daniel  lived Hightower
Family NO.9     1851 Siler  Lumpkin Co.
1883.  Daniel Davis        61        white
1884.  William Davis        41    s    mixed
1885.  Deliah Davis        35    d    mixed
1886.  Coleman Davis        32    s    mixed
1887.  Amanda Davis        17    d    mixed

50 . DAVIS, Joshua

51 . DAWSON, John
Life Reservation

52 . DAY, Jesse

53 . DOBBS, Lewis
1834 Lumpkin DOBBS, Lewis……………….8

54 . DOGINS, Eli
Prescribed Oath List  Dodgens, Eli wife 7 children

55 . DOOLY, Elisha
Prescribed Oath List  wife 2 children
1934 Cherokee DOOLEY, Elisha  5

56 . DORSEY, Hinson

57 . DOSS, Grenn

58 . DOSS, John
Prescribed Oath List   single  Clerk

59 . DURHAM, Green B.

60 . DYER, Joseph S.

61 . EATON, Joseph

62 . EATON, Reuben
Prescribed Oath List  wife 8 children

63 . EDWARDS, Edward

64 . ELLINGTON, David B.

65 . EZZARD, Mason

66 . FORESTER, Benj.

67 . FOWLER, Robert T.
1834 Cherokee FOWLER, Robert T.  2

68 . GADDIS, Geo. W.

69 . GARRISON, John B.
1834 Cherokee GARRISON, John B.  6

70 . GATLING, Robert

71 . GILBERT, Edward

72 . GLENN, George R.

73 . GODDARD, Elias  (He is on the 1830 Hall county census as Elias Gothard

74 . GOODMAN, R. L.

75 . GRANT, Wm.
Prescribed Oath List  wife 7 children

76 . GREEN, Isaac
Prescribed Oath List    Greer, Isaac M. wife

77 . GREENWOOD, John

78 . GUNTER, William

79 . GUTURY, David
Prescribed Oath List   Gutry, David  no info

80 . HALL, Hiram

81 . HAMMONS, Daniel

82 . HAMMONS, Leroy
1834 Forsyth Co. Hammond, Leroy 6

83 . HAMMONS, Wm.
1834 Forsyth Co. Hammond, William 6
Hammond, William Sr. 6
84 . HARDMAN, B. S.

85 . HARRIS, Charles
1834 Forsyth Co. Harris, Charles 1

86 . HAWKS, Chester

87 . HEMPHILL, Jas.

88 . HENDERSON, Elias
1834 Forsyth Co. Henderson,Elias 4

89 . HENDERSON, Pleasant

90 . HENDERSON, Robert

91 . HENDRICK, Wm.     see #94
Prescribed Oath List  Hendrix 2 listings 1. single 2. wife 8 children

92 . HENDRICKS, James

93 . HENDRICKS, John
1934 Cherokee HENDRIX, John  6

94 . HENDRICKS, Willis  see #91

95 . HIGGS, Thomas
1834 Cherokee HEGGS, Thomas  3

96 . HILL, Berry
1834 Forsyth Co. Hill, Berry 7

97 . HOLCOMB, Henry:  Elected  Justice of the Inferior Court
1834 Cherokee HOLCOMBE, Henry  5

98 . HOLCOMB, Jabez

99 . HOLCOMB, John
Prescribed Oath List  2 listings 1.wife 4 children 2. wife 3 children
1834 Forsyth Co. Holcomb, John 2
1834 Cherokee    HOLCOMBE, John S.  7

100 . HOLDEN, Uriah
Prescribed Oath List  wife 8 children


102 . HOLLAND, John
1834 Forsyth Co. Holland, John 7

103 . HOLLOWAY, Reuben

104 . HOOPER, Obadiah
from (Marsha Ford)
Hooper, Obadiah #104 m. Matilda Diadem Murdock, sister to Allen H.
Murdock (see #136).  They moved to California

105 . HORTON, Isaac

106 . JACK, John

107 . JOHNS, John C.
Prescribed Oath List Jones, John C. wife 3 children

108 . JOHNSON, Andrew

109 . JOLLY, John: Elected Sheriff.
Forsyth Co. Sheriff 03 Dec 1832 to 30 Jan 1834
1834 Forsyth Co. Jolly, John 7

110 . JONES, Benjamin
Prescribed Oath List  wife 3 children
1834 Forsyth Co. Jones, Benjamin 7
1834 Lumpkin co. JONES, Benjamin……….4

111 . KEITH, Asa Coroner
Prescribed Oath List

112 . KEYTON, Joseph

113 . KIMBALL, John

114 . KNIGHT, Dennis

115 . LANGLEY, John
Prescribed Oath List  wife 8 children
List of White men with Indian wives    Langley, John lived Chattahoochee
Family NO.4       1851 Siler Roll   Gilmer County
1797.  John Langley        43        white
1798.  Susannah Langley        40    w    mixed
1799.  Mary Langley        16    d    mixed
1800.  Noah Langley        14    s    mixed
1801.  Charles Langley        11    s    mixed
1802.  Jack Langley          8    s    mixed
1803.  Benjamin Langley         5    s    mixed
1804.  Zachariah Langley     2    s    mixed

116 . LANGLEY, Lackley (Lockley?)
1830 Hall Co p.132
See Siler Roll 1851 NO.30
Lock Langley            46
(lives in Gilmer County, Georgia)
Sarah Langley            38    wife
Albert Langley            22    s
Balus Langley            21    s
Ann Langley            19    d
Samuel Langley            15    s
Thomas Langley            12    s
Susan Langley            11    d
Josiah Langley            10    s
Caroline Langley         8    d
Franky Langley             4    d
Lucy Langley             1    d

117 . LANGLEY, Noah
Prescribed Oath List wife  6 children
1834 Forsyth Co. Langley, Noah 9

118 . LANGSTON, L. L.

119 . LAY, Wm.
1834 Cherokee LAY, William  3  (2 listings)

120 . LEDBETTER, Daniel
Prescribed Oath List  wife 1 child

121 . LINDSEY, Archibald

122 . LOVE, Daniel

123 . LOVE, Wm. K.

124 . LOVELESS, William

125 . MABRY, Ephraim

126 . MALONE, Wm. B.

127 . MANS, Samuels

128 . MATTOX, John T.

129 . MAY, Daniel
1834 Lumpkin Co. MAY, Daniel S………………..11

130 . MAY, Wm.
Prescribed Oath List  no info
1834 Cherokee   MAY, William  12

131 . MAYES, James

132 . MIDDLETON, James

133 . MIDDLETON, John
1834 Forsyth Co. Middleton,John 5

134 . MITCHELL, Daniel R.
1834 Cherokee MITCHELL, Daniel R.  4

135 . MULLINS, Barrow
1834 Cherokee MULLINS, Burton  2 ???

136 . MURDOCK, Allen H.  see #104
from (Marsha Ford)
Allen H. Murdock #136
son of Joseph Murdoch, he died in the year 1832

137 . McBRAYER, James

138 . McBRYER, John

139 . McCLURE, Robert
Prescribed Oath List     single
1834 Forsyth Co. McClure, Robert 7
1834 Lumpkin Co. McCLURE, Robert B….6

140 . McCLURE, William
Prescribed Oath List  wife  3 children

141 . McCONNELL, Eli
1834 Cherokee   McCONNELL, Eli  8

142 . McCONNELL, John: Elected  Justice of the Inferior Court
1834 Cherokee  McCONNELL, John  10

143 . McDANIEL, Wm.

144 . McGALLION, H. J.

145 . McGINIS, Levi
Forsyth County; LINK  Buried on his property in an unmarked grave.
Property is now owned by Martin Marietta (Quarry).
His wife is buried at Shady Grove(Shakerag).

146 . McKINSEY, Wm.
Prescribed Oath List McKinzie, William T.  wife
147 . McSHERRY, Joseph

148 . NOLEN, William

149 . O’BARR, Robert: Elected Justice of the Inferior Court
Prescribed Oath List   wife 8 children Baptist preacher
1834 Lumpkin Co. OBAR, Robert…………..4

150 . PARKER, J. L.

151 . PARLEY, Wm.
Prescribed Oath List  Pasley, Wm. no info

152 . PENDLEY, Nimrod H.
1834 Forsyth Co. Pendley, N. H. 6

153 . PERKINS, Moses
1834 Cherokee   PERKINS, Moses  4

154 . PILBURN, Edward

155 . PINSON, Redden

156 . PITTMAN, John
1834 Forsyth Co. Pitman, John 3

157 . POLSTON, Lewis  (Rolston ???)
Prescribed Oath List  Rolston,Lewis  wife   3 children
List of White men with Indian wives     Rolston        lived Chestatee
1830 Hall County Census p. 132 Lewis Rawlston

Family NO.17  1851 Siler Roll  Lumpkin County
1912.  Lewis Rolston        47        white
1913.  Elizabeth Rolston    39    w    mixed
1914.  John Rolston        23    s    mixed
1915.  Frances Rolston        20    d    mixed
1916.  Elizabeth Rolston    18    d    mixed
1917.  Nancy Rolston        16    d    mixed
1918.  Lewis Rolston        14    s    mixed
1919.  Agnes Rolston        11    d    mixed
1920.  Henry Rolston         7    s    mixed
1921.  Amanda Rolston           2    d    mixed
1922.  Zachariah Rolston     2    s    mixed
1923.  James Rolston         1    s    mixed

158 . POST, George
1834 Cherokee  POST, George  3

159 . RAUNDSVILLE, David


161 . RAY, Wm. H.
Ray, William H. Age 47 yrs., 7 mos., 5 days died 11 Nov. 1843
buried Cumming City Cemetery married the widow of Moses Whitsett.

162 . ROACH, John

163 . ROBERTS, Elijah

164 . ROBERTSON, Elisha

165 . ROGERS, Thos.
1834 Forsyth Co. Rogers, Thos. 3

166 . SAMPLE, James

167 . SAMS, Reuben
Forsyth County Minute Book A

168 . SAY, John

169 . SHARP, John
Prescribed Oath List    wife 1 child
1834 Forsyth Co. Sharp, John 4

170 . SIMMONS, Holomon
1834 Cherokee   SIMMONS, Holman F.  11

171 . SIMMONS, James

172 . SIMMONS, Noble

173 . SIMMONS, William S.

174 . SMITH, Charles

175 . SMITH, Jesse
Prescribed Oath List wife 2 children

176 . SMITH, John

177 . SMITH, Philo
Prescribed Oath List  no info

178 . SMITH, Wm.
1834 Lumpkin SMITH, William………….3
1834 Union    William Smith  5  2

179 . STANSILL, William

180 . STEPHENS, Allen

181 . STRICKLAND, Oliver  Elected Clerk Superior Court
Buried family cemetery on Kelly Mill Road, Cumming,per Ellene Kemp, Also
buried there is his daughter and some Negro servants.
The tombstones were removed and lost when the parking lot of the
church was paved.
1834 Forsyth Co. Strickland, Oliver 6

182 . THOMAS, Evans
1834 Forsyth Co. Thomas, Evin 6

183 . THOMPSON, Jesse

184 . THOMPSON, John
Prescribed Oath List wife 2 children millwright
1834 Lumpkin Co. THOMPSON, John…….7

185 . THOMTON, Reuben
Probably Reuben Thornton, who leased Vann’s Ferry. See ferrlese.htm

Recorded in Forsyth County Records Superior Court page 2..apparently continued from
page 1 which I did not photocopy.
Records of Cherokee County
T. Thornton is to comply with contracts made by the Said Reuben with William Grant and ?. J. Rogers of Monroe County Tennessee for the purchase of two waggons and teams which have not yet been fulfilled, the Con…. is to continue at the option of
the parties concerned Subject to be dissolved at the pleasure of either
In witness whereof the contracting parties have set their hands and seals this 6th
day of August 1832
Witness Sterling Goodwin   Richard B.White
Signed Chas T. Thornton  Reuben Thornton (Seal)  Rec: Oliver Strickland Clerk
Prescribed Oath List   wife 4 children

186 . THOMVILL, Barnaby

187 . TOWNSEND, Jesse

188 . TUMLIN, Lewis: Elected Tax Collector

189 . UTRY, David

190 . WATKINS, Jesse (not on voter list but won): Elected County Surveyor

191 . WHITE, James

192 . WILBURN, Elisha

193 . WILKEY, David

194 . WILLIAMS, John
1834 Forsyth Co. Williams, John 3

195 . WILLIAMSON, Lowry     Williams????
Family NO. 10      1851 Siler Roll  Gilmer County
1853.  Lowrey Williams        50        white
1854.  Barilla Williams        47    w    mixed


197 . WILLIAMSON, Wm. T. : Elected Clerk Inferior Court

198 . WILLIS, Washington
Prescribed Oath List single

199 . WILLIS, Wm.
Prescribed Oath List  wife 4 children

200 . WILSON, James

201 . WILSON, Riley
1834 Forsyth Co. Wilson, Riley 6

202 . WILSON, Thomas

203 . WINN, John P.
1834 Cherokee  WINN, John P.  7

204 . WINN, Gennubuth
Is this the smae one?
Name: Genubath WINN Sex: M  Birth: 08 JUN 1798 in Abbeville Dist., SC 1
Marriage 1 Margaret J. “Peggy” (Rev.) CAMP b: 07 APR 1803 in GA
Married: 30 DEC 1819 2
Mary O. WINN b: 30 AUG 1821 in Jackson Co., GA
John A. WINN b: 18 MAY 1823 in Jackson Co., GA
Permelia Foster WINN b: 03 DEC 1824 in Jackson Co., GA
Perry Coke WINN b: 31 MAY 1826 in Jackson Co., GA
Mark Aubrey WINN b: 05 MAR 1827 in Jackson Co., GA
Elizabeth C. WINN b: 23 JUN 1829 in Jackson Co., GA
Margaret N. WINN b: 21 JUN 1836 in Dallas, Dallas, TX

Two worldconnect gedcoms  wcgenlady and blackman-farmer

205 . WISDOM, Jesse
1835 Petition to Governor for military  Wisdom, J. W.

206 . WITCHER, Henry
WITCHER         Greene County, Arkansas Family Histories
Henry Witcher was born in Tennessee in 1809.
His wife, Martha A., was born in South Carolina in 1819.
In 1850 the family was living in Gordon County, Georgia

WITCHER 59A-59B  Gordon County 1850 Index

207 . WITCHER, John : Elected Justice of the Inferior Court

208 . WITCHER, Lacy

209 . WOFFORD, Nathaniel
List of White men with Indian wives  Wofford, Nathaniel lived Chattahoochee
A Nathaniel Wofford md Julia Ann Hildebrand ref. Starr’s

210 . WOOD, Abraham

211 . WOOD, Andrew
Prescribed Oath List    wife 5 children
1834 Lumpkin Co. WOOD, Andrew……….6

212 . WOOD, John

213 . WOOD, Michael C.

214 . WOOD, Wm.
Prescribed Oath List   wife 3 children
1834 Forsyth Co. Wood, William 10

215 . YOUNG, Wilson

Welcome To…. 1832 Election List
Prepared and submitted by Renee’ Gore.
On Monday, the sixth day of February, in the year 1832, it being the first Monday in that month, an election was held at the house of Ambrose Harnage for the election of Clerk of the Superior Court, Clerk of the Inferior Court, Sheriff, Receiver of Tax Returns, Tax Collector, Coroner, County Surveyor, and five Justices of the Inferior Court, and county officers. 

The home of Ambrose Harnage was located in what is now know as Tate in Pickens County. Until 1853, this area was in Cherokee County. 

The following names were listed as casting ballots.
? , Nathaniel G.

? , William




ARTER, Lewis


ATKINS, Thomas


BARBER, George

BARKER, Hubbard

BATEY, James

BELL, James

BERRY, Robert


BOLTON, Thos. W.

BOWMAN, Lawson

BOWMAN, Sherwo’d

BOWMAN, Vincent




BRADFORD, Archibald







BURNS, Philip



CHASTAIN, Jeremiah S.


CLOUD, Jeremiah





COOPER, Cornelius


COX, Jonathan

CRUSE, Jeremiah




DANIEL, Reuben

DANIEL, Reuben F.

DAVIS, Daniel

DAVIS, Joshua


DAY, Jesse

DOBBS, Lewis


DOOLY, Elisha

DORSEY, Hinson

DOSS, Grenn

DOSS, John

DURHAM, Green B.

DYER, Joseph S.

EATON, Joseph

EATON, Reuben





FOWLER, Robert T.





GLENN, George R.




GREEN, Isaac


GUNTER,  William


HALL, Hiram





HARRIS, Charles

HAWKS, Chester









HIGGS, Thomas

HILL, Berry








HOOPER, Obadiah


JACK, John

JOHNS, John C.



JONES, Benjamin


KEYTON, Joseph


KNIGHT, Dennis


LANGLEY, Lackley



LAY, Wm.


LINDSEY, Archibald

LOVE, Daniel

LOVE, Wm. K.


MABRY, Ephraim


MANS, Samuels


MAY, Daniel

MAY, Wm.

MAYES, James








McCLURE, Robert

McCLURE, William







McSHERRY, Joseph

NOLEN, William

O’BARR, Robert



PENDLEY, Nimrod H.



PINSON, Redden



POST, George



RAY, Wm. H.






SAMS, Reuben

SAY, John


SIMMONS, Holomon



SIMMONS, William S.

SMITH, Charles

SMITH, Jesse


SMITH, Philo












UTRY, David

WHITE, James







WILLIS, Washington




WILSON, Thomas

WINN, John P.

WINN, Gennubuth





WOFFORD, Nathaniel

WOOD, Abraham

WOOD, Andrew

WOOD, John

WOOD, Michael C.


YOUNG, Wilson

*Jesse Watkins won the election but his name does not appear on the list of electors. 

This election was held in February, 1832 ten months before the December, 1832 election and some of those voted into office in February were not re-elected.

Eleanor Allen Schrepel-From Ireland to the Mormon Promised Land

Eleanor Allen Schrepel

I am so excited that I found a photo of this woman!  This is Eleanor Allen, who married John Frederick Schrepel in 1865.  Their daughter Louisa Schrepel married John J. Downer their son John Albert Sr. is my Grandfather.
She was a Mormon Pioneer and part of the Martin Handcart company that walked 1200 miles from Iowa to Salt Lake City Utah and nearly didn’t survive!

John A. Downer Sr.

John Albert Downer Sr., Eleanor’s grandson


Eleanor’s origin is a bit fuzzy, said to be born in Dublin, Ireland, but we are not sure if she is English or Irish-but likely Irish. Her family was  in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England in the 1850’s,  working in the silk fabric mills. They were likely in Ireland and Eleanor would have been born before the Great Potato Family, so it’s very likely that many children her age did not survive the starvation.
Her parents moved to England and found jobs so they did survive.
It is thought that Eleanor, her sister and her mother were all widows by 1855. Eleanor was 17 when she signed up with her family to come to America, as a newly baptized Mormon.  There was promise of husbands, fertile country to raise a family and plenty of open space.
What lay between her and the Promised Land was a very long walk. From Iowa to Salt Lake City.  Everyone pushed a handcart (like a wooden wheelbarrow) with their belongings and food in it.  Her mother, Mary died on the trail.
Eleanor promptly became the second wife (yep, that kind) to prominent polygamist Mormon Elder George Augustus Neal. But political unrest was beginning in Utah, in that the American government did not like the idea of polygamy and intended to break it up.
The story goes that as US troops came into the area to do their job, women who were not first wives were forced to give up their husbands, marriages, families, and security.
So many became the wives of the soldiers, and it is thought that J.F. Schrepel was one of those soldiers.

Great link to the general story of the Handcart companies here:

And a more specific one about the rescue of the Willie and Martin Handcart companies.

And there’s even a movie called Sweetwater Rescue!!

In the movie Sweetwater Rescue, there’s a quick still photo, of some of the faithful waiting to board a ship to come to America. A beautiful young woman stands next to two impish old Screen shot 2011-07-29 at 9.16.33 PMwomen-one of whom has a basket on her head.
I know it’s a long shot that this is actually Eleanor or her sister,  but the young woman looks so like my mother with her pretty cheekbones, I just like to imagine that it IS her!

For the record,  Eleanor and John F. Schrepel had six children, August, Louisa, Margaret Swan, Charlotte Lizette, Franklin and Frederick.
Louisa did not stay with the Mormon faith, but ended up in St. Louis where she met John Jonathan Downer. They had two sons, John  Albert Sr. And Frank.

Louisa Schrepel Downer Nevels and her son Frank Downer on the steps of John and Evelyn Downer’s house on Harney Ave. in St. Louis

So this is just a little bit of American history, that was buried in my family tree (no one in my family knew about her!) and I wanted to tell her story so it wouldn’t be forgotten!
How one young Irish girl could survive famine and an harsh working conditions to make it to America, walk 1200 miles through blizzards and hardship, to find the American dream of a husband and family and a good life.
I am SO utterly proud of this woman and I hope that a little of her fortitude and courage has been passed along.

She is buried in Salt Lake City Cemetery in SLC Utah.






The Long life, three wives, and fake death of Elias Goddard

See PDF link below for timeline. DNA has proven the link between descendants of his first family and descendants of his 2nd family.
I have had this theory for several years now, due to the little overlap in where Elias was in Indian Territory and his slightly younger 2nd self in GA.  I guess the promise of a 14 year old wife at age 38 was enough to make him leave his first family behind.

Elias Goddards TIMELINE Condensed2016

Elias’ son, John Willis Goddard, b. 1837.

Many Layers of the Journey

When I started this blog, I simply wanted to leave a legacy of stories for my family, with photos and any reminiscences neatly wrapped up in one package.  What I did not expect is something more closely resembling a spiritual journey-one that has helped me to uncover parts of myself, and my own deep connections to the families and stories I wanted to preserve.
I’ve been a fan of “Who Do You Think You Are?” for a long time, and I think every single person who’s been on that show by the end of it finds some deep connection to the people and stories they uncover.  Everyone takes a journey when they seek out their ancestors and I don’t think anyone expects what they find.
When you have just a name or a date or a photograph, you have something flat and two dimensional, but when you find details, stories, loves and heartaches, blessings and tragedies, these people become real-and all the more real because they are your relatives.
I think it’s natural that we see ourselves in them, and now we know that through “epigenetics” and DNA they really are within us-we carry their passions, their talents, and sometimes their bad traits too. It’s rather amazing when it unfolds.
This journey into finding my ancestors is vast-it gets exponentially bigger with each generation. The story fans out across the globe and through DNA, even my mostly European self touches almost every continent on the planet.
This has been a really fascinating journey for me-and one that’s become by obsessive and beloved hobby.  I am learning more and more about DNA, genetics, genealogy, ancestors, history, migration patterns, and how family stories change  over time.
Now I understand why many cultures have “ancestor worship”-better described as “reverence for the ancestors”…It’s a way of connecting on a very deep level with who we are-as a single person, as a family, as a culture, tribe, race, and human species.
And it is terribly evident in much of American culture today, that the lack of connection we modern folks have, is not good.
We need those connections. We need to remember these people and their stories and we need to share these stories with others. What we lose if we don’t tell the story is our soul. If we don’t share the memories, and share the bad things and the good, if we don’t tell the stories and tales about all of our own relatives and their adventures and sorrows, we lose our soul.

So this has become something much bigger for me than just family remembrances to share with future generations. It has become a path home-one I hope I can share with others. A path that I hope I can write down in some sort of cohesive outline and share with others in hopes that others can walk this same pattern-although it will be their own personal path, and reconnect with themselves.
I truly believe that in some way, our ancestors are still living, still with us, still able to guide us, and we owe them gratitude.
Something good is going to come out of this, I think. I’m just on a different path than I thought I was when I started! Stay tuned.

The Case for Elizabeth Gibson Being Daughter of Demarcus and MaryAnn Walker

Many people have seen the 1850 Crawford County Missouri census with “my” Elizabeth Gibson and her three children (Hannah Parilee, Joseph Kelly and Willa Ann Gibson) living with Demarcus and MaryAnn Blevins Walker, and many have just assumed she was their grown daughter.

But we can’t make that assumption, especially because at the same time there is an E. (Emmaline) Arney living there too. She is a cousin to MaryAnn, likely looking for a husband among three eligible cousins and she does eventually marry the eldest Walker son in residence, George Washington Walker.
So we cannot assume that Elizabeth Gibson is their daughter. There was an outbreak of (I think it was) cholera around 1849-1851 along the Mississippi River, and there were a bunch of Brown children living with them also. It might have been common to take in a widow woman and three children even if they were not close relatives.

Having said that, we need to look at the few facts I can find that may or may not prove that Elizabeth is their daughter.

Yes, there is a quote out there which  I believe comes from the book William Brown and Demarcus Walker families : their descendants, 1784-1998  (Authors Kathryn Brown Midyett,  F Susan Brown Biggs, &  Shirley Mae Brown) that says:
“Demarcus came to Crawford County in 1837 with his family & the Mathews, Brown and Lunsford families came with the same wagon train from North Carolina. He got a land grant in Township 37 Section 11 & homesteaded 80 acres he bought 40 more along the Crawford County line near Berryman, Missouri. Demarcus & Mary Ann reared their family of 9 children at the headwaters of the Huzzah & Courtois Creeks and lived near the Service or “Hang Dog” school area, close to the post office, store & grist mill. The old mill race in the stream is nearly all remains of the settlement.

First of all, we know the date of their arrival and where they came from is wrong because all their children were born Tennessee except Francis Marion, who was born 1831 in Crawford Co., MO.
Second, the “Nine Children” part: There were MORE than NINE Children!

Demarcus and family are listed as Marens Walker with his family in Harmony, Washington Co. MO.
Marcus Walker 1840 Harmony, Washington, MO
1 male 50-59 born 1781-1790 and  1female 50-59 born 1781-1790       These are correct to be Demarcus and MaryAnn

1 boy 5-9, born 1831-1835           This is Francis (not on 1830)
2 boys 10-14 born 1826-1830    Geo & Wm  this is same as 1830 census
1 boy 15-19 born 1821-1825       THIS IS UNKNOWN Male
DANIEL boy who would be 25-29 is gone

There should be a girl born (from 1830 census) 10-15 years old  This COULD be “my” Elizabeth!
2 girls 15-19, born 1821-1825    Martha and Rachel this is the same
1 girl 20-29 born 1811-1820       Malinda this is the same
Mary B girl who would be 25-29 is gone



Demarcus is listed as MARK Walker in  Hardin TN

There are one male and one female age 40-49, born 1781-1790. That is right for Demarcus and MaryAnn.

One male 30-39 born 1791-1800 (This COULD be a son if they 48-49 and he 30)

Two boys under five, born 1824-1830    GeoW and WIlliamR
one boy 10-14,   born 1815-1820            THIS IS AN UNKNOWN Male
one boy 15-19, born 1810-1815              Daniel

one girl under five, born 1825-1830       THIS IS UNKNOWN Female- IS THIS ELIZABETH?
two girls 5-9, born 1820-1825                Martha and Rachel
one girl 10-14, born 1815-1820             Malinda
one girl 15-19, born 1810-1815             Mary B
There should be one older daughter, Susan,  b. 1807 but she is probably married by 1830.

I have seen dates anywhere from 1821, 1824, 1825, 1826 and 1828 (that was extremely common for people to stretch the truth about their age) for Elizabeth so it’s hard to say but it IS possible she IS the girl on the 1830 census. It was also common to miss people so it is possible where they have her in 1830 she was missed in 1840. It is also possible that this girl was deceased or the Elizabeth was elsewhere…

So while it doesn’t PROVE anything, it does leave open the possibility, and also it is SHOWN that there is a possible female that could be her-so I think if that extra girl is anyone that it’s Elizabeth.  The 1830 census clearly shows that there WERE more than nine children, perhaps as many as 11. As for Francis Marion by the way,  I have occasionally wondered if he does belong to this family but he does appear on the 1840 and 1850 census so I’m convinced he IS part of this family.
The extra son I believe could be Garner McConnico Walker that one person has down as another son. That possibility is also shown on the 1830 census.

I am not comfortable enough with these census to add Demarcus and MaryAnn as Elizabeth’s parents though.

But if anyone has a copy of the above book, or knows the family please contact me (see below). Past address for the authors (at least one is now deceased) was Steelville, MO so if any of the three authors’ families read this, please let me know if there is a copy available!!

And more important, what I would LOVE to find is some DNA. If anyone knows their line of descent from any of Demarcus and MaryAnn’s proven or suspected children and you’ve had your DNA tested, PLEASE get a hold of me!! (See Below).
Looking up surnames on the various sites, it seems that everyone has the surname Walker in their list and I have been unable to find any of their descendants to match with.

So there’s my argument for Elizabeth being one of their children. Any thoughts?

Up the Crabtree Tree

I thought I’d work on this line a bit-especially people I have photos of.
I found out through DNA testing of my male kinfolk that while the paternal Crabtree NAME comes from West Yorkshire, England, the DNA is actually Scandinavian-probably Viking, probably from the time after the 900’s when the Vikings had a strong presence in much of eastern England.
Where I’ve always sort of ignored the paternal line-because it was boringly “English” I’m now curious-after all, it is where we get the really tall, long-faced bodies from, and one can hope just a little Viking toughness as well. This map (link) shows that the W. Yorkshire DNA is distinctively different from the Southern and Eastern British Isle DNA…As are the Welsh, Cornwall and Devon areas (which is my Whitecotton family-a post for another time)…

So from me to my Dad (John William Crabtree), then back to his Dad (John Willis Crabtree), we have his father, Alexander Wilson Crabtree.
Left, below. Center is Alexander’s wife, Alice Rosaline Goddard Crabtree.
“Rosa” and Alex had 5 children, and then Alex died, of appendicitis, leaving Rosa with five children and extreme poverty.

Alexander Wilson Crabtree Alice Rosalin Goddard Crabtree  Sylvester Crabtree


Family stories have it that she was so poor she could not afford medicine when her kids got sick, so when she needed something she would ask someone going across the river to stop in with some Native folks that people called “the root diggers” and get some wild-harvested medicine. (That’s where I get my love of herbal medicine!) Rosa was also a midwife, not only to those being born, but sometimes to those dying as well.
After Alex died, Alex’s brother Sylvester (right, above) married Rosa. They had two more children, for a total of 7.
My dad used to say they had the “10 year club” going in the family. Rosa’s first son, my grandfather John Willis Crabtree, was born close to the end of 1886.
His full brother, Frank was born in 1897, and their half brother Thom was born in 1907.  Then in 1917, my grandfather had my Dad, so there was 10 years between each of them. Apparently my dad remembers this conversation while he and Thom were brushing their teeth around the cistern.

Alexander and Sylvester’s mother was Elizabeth Crabtree, born 1837.


Elizabeth(1) married Thomas M. Crabtree(2) and yes, they were 2nd cousins.

Elizabeth(1)’s father was William W.G. Crabtree(3), below.

William W.G.(3-note middle initial)’s father is William(5).




Thomas M (2)’s father is William T.(4-note middle initial).
William T (4)’s father was Thomas (6).

William(5) and Thomas (6) were sons of (you guessed it!) William and Ann Riley Crabtree.

If that’s as clear as mud, try the diagram, below.  Elizabeth and her husband/2nd cousin Thomas M. are on the right. They shared the same Great Grandparents. (Perhaps this accounts for their son Alexander being what looks like cross-eyed?)

Note also in the diagram below that one brother married a Sarah Flory and one married Sarah Flory Graham-they were likely also cousins, which, ugh, is just weird. Apparently there were no other dateable women except cousins?


Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 7.47.59 PM